Friday, March 02, 2007

Pot Heads Doing Church?

I'm not saying I know I'm right on this, but I have a suspicion. And it's just a suspicion. I want you to consider it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

I have for a long time thought that drugs and the Emergent went together. I say that for two reasons. For one thing, the Emergent has outlets that look like a head shop. John O'Keefe's old site used to sell t-shirts with drug themes and communist themes. Go look at and see if it doesn't remind you of a copy of High Times Magazine. The other reason I have long suspected that many Emergents are religionists who won't kick the drug habit is their manner at times. Watch this video and see what I mean.

Vulgarity seems a hallmark of the Emergent heresy, too. For instance, as you listen to this video you will hear some of that, too. It all shows the spiritual bankruptcy of the Emergent. These folks are not Christians. They kid themselves.

I'm just saying what I see.

In Christ,
Phil Perkins.



Blogger Grey Wtr said...


Just discovered your site, great work.

I watched the video linked, I have to agree with your assessment.

"Emergents" are quite tolerant, which can be good, but following Christ involves change.

Seems the Emergent movement is following the beaten to death axiom, "It's all good man".

There is even an Emergent church that meets in a Tavern with beer & wine being served during service, I'm not a prude 'bout alcohol but that is "seeker sensitive" to the max.

They want and have a heart for the masses, but are to eager by half to make a "seeker" feel comfortable, to the point of sharing in sin or causing a brother to stumble.

This movement will grow-up no doubt, many will get shipwrecked, some will flourish.

8:19 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...


This video speaks volumes about the subtle heresies that drive this movement. There are just enough elements of Christianity there to fool the make-believer.

The Emergents follow after the way and doctrine of Balaam. The way of course is false teaching (2Pe 2:15). God is not going to bless recreational drug use. These people deny the sin in their lives. The doctrine of course is that God is not going to bless those who teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which always deals with sin and the cross (Rev 2:14). They place supreme importance on the social gospel, which is entirely of works. They've decided that God cannot bless that which he has already promised to bless. These are unrepentant folk playing church.

The Pulpit Pimps already seem to have cornered the error of Balaam by chasing after person gain (Jude 1:11). I wonder if and when the Emergents will do the same.

Peace to you.


10:01 AM  

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