Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Come And Die!

Come and join a Billings street preaching team. We will concentrate in Billings going to parks, bars, and all sorts of public spaces. You can sharpen your gospel preaching skills. Learn to preach the law and the gospel as God’s tools for saving souls. We will also be preaching repentance at church parking lots all over town to church-goers.

1. Prayer and fasting. You will be expected to do both the day before an event.
2. Holiness of life. You will be expected to confess all sin and get rid of it before an event.
3. Preach and witness at least once a week. Week days and Saturdays we will go to the skateboard park, other parks, bars, gathering places, etc. There we will preach repentance and grace to unbelievers with boldness. On Sundays we will preach repentance to church goers in the parking lots of Billings churches.

1. Preach repentance and grace in Billings and surrounding towns.
2. Sing for the Lord.
3. See folks saved.
4. Be mocked as He was mocked.

1. Musicians.
2. Preachers.
3. Witnessers.
4. Prayer warriors to pray during events.

Contact: Phil Perkins 406-672-7450.



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