Friday, November 24, 2006

Won't State It Cuz They Hate It.

Emergents leaders are not Christians. I know that because they hate the gospel.

Since I have become busy in the fight to expose the Emergents, I have had to actually buy a bunch of their books and read the stuff. It's easy reading, very dumbed down. One has to read and read to get to any sort of actual point. They love cutsie, tear-jerking stories. Their points are usually so ridiculous that they have to do a lot of very artful story telling to grease the skids before they tell the reader what they are actually up to.

At first, I found they often denied the gospel. And they do. For instance, I am currently reading The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus. It is a fun read if you don't think too much. But on page 32 he says the gospel that tells us faith in Christ saves from hell is to be rejected because it is too "domesticating."

But just this morning I realized another interesting thing. For all their long-winded stories, rants, and explanations, you will never find the gospel defined or stated. Not even their version.

Emergents hate the propositionally stated gospel. Therefore, they won't state it. They impugn it and all who adhere to it in any form.

And when they present themselves as Christians, we are not supposed to notice they are lying to us. Well, at least, we aren't to say so outloud.

Here is a challange: if anyone out there can provide me with any quote from a national Emergent leader that actually states the gospel in an outright statement that is not part of a denial of the gospel, could you write me? I'd like to see it. I would even appreciate an Emergent statement of "the gospel" if it is not the biblical one. And remember: I want an outright statement, not a rambling story and not a definition by denial.

In Christ,
Phil Perkins.



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