Saturday, November 25, 2006


In my last post, I lined out for all to see just one of the lies foisted upon the church by Emergents. In it I quoted a story by Brian McLaren in which he presented a fictional pastor engaged in years of deception as the heart warming hero of the story. (The fictional pastor believed that one did not have to hear and believe the gospel to be saved and lied about hid his doctrine from his congregation and collegues.)

This is the amazing part: MCLAREN THINKS THIS IS JUST FINE!!!!!

I believe this sort of behavior, permeating the Emergents, has been made possible by the postmodern mind set that devalues truth. It makes us think that we can make up our own truth. It makes us less ashamed of being caught in a lie. And that actually dehumanizes us. Like animals we can do or say anything that satisfies our bellies.

Amazed, but not surprised,
Phil Perkins.



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