Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Memory Lane and Another Praise

Remember how I asked you to remember David Sherwood? (Haven't heard from him yet.) Well here's another blast from the past and it is another really angry Emergent. If you go way back to April 29, 2006 in the archives you will find a post called "John O'Keefe Line by Lie." It was about this fellow in Billings with a fake ordination from an internet mail order company. I busted him in public on his own blog. He then got mad and got John O'Keefe (an Emergent mucky-muck from North Carolina) to contact the school where I teach and complain about how awful I was to uncover the fraudulent rev. Real men, these Emergents. Tellin' mommy on YOOOUUU!

Praise Part: When visiting earlier today to research Spencer Burke, I accidentally learned that O'Keefe, who glorifies homosexuality, Communism, the drug culture, and still wants to be respected as a Southern Baptist pastor, is looking to move back to California. He evidently is losing his church or something of that sort. Thank God for that.

Memory Lane Part: When checking this blog this evening, I found something interesting. The fake rev that I busted had been quite adamant. He did not want me to comment on his blog-ever. And he was going to sue, not me , but the school. (Not very smart, to say nothing of disobedient to Scripture.) Well, he has been watching this blog...

and left a link. Hummmm. Does this make you think of words like...oh, let's see here...


Actually, "EMERGENT" will cover it, I suppose.

Two lessons:
1. The Emergent is really about lying. Really, this is not name-calling. Just give it some time and you will see.

2. The good guys win in the end. Just be patient and keep telling the truth as best you can. The end might be after we die. And the bad guys might kill us, but God will always win.

Thankfully in Christ,
Phil Perkins.



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