Sunday, April 30, 2006

Coming This Week Interview w/ Brian McLaren's Half Brother on Newly Found Gospel

Wow! This is awesome!! I cannot believe my luck this week. Brian McLaren's half brother, Phil McLaren, is coming to Billings. He is going to do an interview for KURL Christian radio in Billings. We do not know when it is going to run, but we will be there and my readers will be the first to get it--in transcript. He will be discussing another newly discovered gospel. This new gospel will have profound new implications for the theology of the Christian church and for the Emergent one, too.

Can't wait,
Phil Perkins.


Saturday, April 29, 2006

John O'Keefe Line by Lie

John O’Keefe Line by Lie.
I had a recent e-spat with a national Emergent leader named John O’Keefe. He writes for and is a mover and a shaker in the Emergent Obfuscation. Mr. O is typical Emergent and calls his blog Ginkworld Inside the Mind of Punk Monkey. Yeah, and he’s actually a full grown man in his forties. One has to wonder if the drinking of bong water is somehow involved in all of this.

He recently sent an email to the administration of my school. He was REALLY UPSET with GREAT CONCERN AND PAIN. (Yikes! This must be really bad.) I was to be severely bad-boyed because I was so mean. It turns out that a fellow in Billings was running around lying and I, being the intolerant bigot that I am, asked him to stop it–oh, the HUMANITY!!!! (He had sent away for "this card that said I was a reverend.") Undoubtedly, with credentials like that the man is NEVER TO BE QUESTIONED–EVER!

Weeell... I did. Go to to see that e-spat.

Anyway, Mr. O, being the man he is, tattled on me. He told the school that I was a REALLY BIG MEANY and that I should be DRAWN AND QUARTERED as soon as was convenient, certainly by the next morning. Naturally, this caused some angst at the school until they found out the truth. Now a lot of folks at the school are getting informed as to the Emergent Heresy. So John meant it for evil but God meant it for good.

So I sent Mr. O an email asking him to clear this up a bit. Again, in true manly fashion, he declined to deal with me directly. Instead, he waited a few weeks and blog-whined about myself and a message board that evidently asked for straight forward, biblical answers, something that will cause any Emergent type to develop a permanent facial tick.

Just in case John happens to accidently push the delete when he gets a load of my answer here is how I answered him line by lie:

To Zac and John,
This is really addressed to John, but Zac may enjoy reading this as he has been smeared by John, too. My name is Phil Perkins, I am the second guy, the prof, in John’s story. I am really just a welder, but that is another story. I live in Billings, MT and I recently gave a talk on three contemporary sources of apostasy to my church. One of them was the Emergent. I was asked if any Emergent churches were in Billings. Didn’t I Googled. That is how I found Carlos Shelton–"the planter" in the story.

I’ll start by simply answering some of your questions. This may seem harsh, but there is a point to be made if you’re open.

JO: at what point does a conversation breakdown?

ANSWER: Evidently, when you are faced with the truth and run.

JO: does it happen when the first insult is voiced?

ANSWER: No, I just asked you to explain yourself when you insulted me...behind my the school.

JO: does it happen when one person twists what the other person says to meet a personal agenda?

ANSWER: No, I put up with that, too.

JO: does it happen when one side simply refuses to even hear what the other has to say?

ANSWER: Now John, you know we can hear each other just fine. Heck, I even heard the stuff you did not want me to hear, the fibs you told my school.

JO: does it happen when one person calls into question the honor of the other?

ANSWER: Your honor would not be called into question if you had been honest. I gave you that chance when I asked if you had read the conversations about which you complained. If you hadn’t and had just trusted someone, then you could have simply acknowledged a mistake. We all make mistakes. It would be no big deal. That would be that.

JO: at what point can we say, "this conversation is over" because we know it is going no place?

ANSWER: Oh, it was going someplace, alright. You just didn’t like getting caught and neither did Carlos.

JO: which leads us to the idea that if you leave the conversation and the other person is still talking [or insulting] does that mean the conversation is still happening?

ANSWER: Now there you go again, John. You know I have not bothered you at all since you refused to answer my email.

JO: if one person leaves a conversation, does that make the other person "the winner?"

ANSWER: Usually.

JO: does there have to be a winner in a conversation?

ANSWER: That’s the way it usually ends up if you have been busted fibbing about all sorts of stuff. You go away embarrassed. I did when I was a kid...lots of times. Not fun, huh?

JO: at what point does a conversation become a monolog?

ANSWER: When you run and start fibbing on your blog where you hope no one will answer you.

JO: i ask this, because this week i had two such experiences.

ANSWER: I suspect you ask this because in both instances you met up with real believers and they challenged you with logic and Scripture. In my case, not only did your gossiping to my school administration not work, but I will now have the chance to address the entire faculty and speak to them about the Emergent heresy. You will be case in point when it comes to the dishonesty that permeates the leadership of the whole movement. We will work hard to warn our students about you and others like you.

JO: i received an email a few weeks ago from a friend letting me know that there was a college professor attacking a church planter in his area.

ANSWER: The "attack" was simply three things. First, the "planter" claimed to be ordained. He is not. Instead, he has (in his own words, now) "this card that said I was a Reverend." Cute, huh? The card is from a mail order diploma mill called UCMI. It is a joke. is their website. Check it out. He is not ordained by any church or denomination as far as I know. If I am wrong, this is your chance to correct me and I will apologize forthwith. Carlos indicated he was not ordained outside of the UCMI card. The second, thing I asked about was the apparent contradictions between his doctrinal statement and his endorsement of Emergent and Brian McLaren. His doctrinal statement was conservative (with a definite twist or two) and it left no room for the disregard of Scripture McLaren and the entire Emergent embraces. The third question was a sincere one. He did a blog that first seemed to object to sodomy, then seemed to excuse it. I was not sure of his position and asked. He got mad and it took quite a few exchanges before he made a clear statement. And his final position was orthodox. I see by your approval of David Sherwood you DO excuse sexual perversion. Nice.

JO: the only reason the professor was picking on the person [this was the only reason brought to my attention and the professor only mentioned it in five questions he had emailed me] was because the professor did not like the planter ordination, and he had concerns on how the planter "received his education."

ANSWER: I said nothing about his education. That quote is dishonest and you would know it if you read the blogs. I don’t care if he is ordained or not. It is the dishonesty. According to Paul a man that is double tongued is unfit for service.

JO: which was interesting to me because the professor teaches at a small baptist college - baptists have historically ordain people who believe God is calling to ministry, and seldom, if ever, has an education requirement been attached to the ordination.

ANSWER: Yeah, we Baptists are a real piece of work, huh? However, in your email sent to the school administration in which you were tattling profusely on the big meany in Billings you said this:
"I am the Lead Pastor with a growing, engaged and Christ-centered Emerging Community of faith, and we are connected with the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention)..." Wellllll, you’re a wacko Baptist, too? Hmmm. Then you said, "...I have to be honest..." I’ll hold my breath.

JO: \this person [and it was not the planter, but a concerned member of the community who knew me and knew I would be a peaceful neutral party] asked if i would "play the middle guy"

ANSWER: Oh, so THAT’S why you gossiped to the school. You were REALLY being nice to me. Gee whiz, I just can’t believe I missed that one.

JO: and see if i could address the issue of ordination between the professor and the planter.

ANSWER: No, John. It’s not the paper. It’s the dishonesty.

JO: needless to say, my emails to the professor have fallen upon deaf ears...

ANSWER: You told the school that you weren’t able to email me. Pick a fib and stick to it, John.
I will publish your email soon on so everyone can read it.

JO: the professor, for what ever reason he has, has taken to want a fight with me.

ANSWER: That is not the truth and you know it. I simply sent you the email and you have not answered. And that has been weeks.

JO: i am uncomfortable with any conversation based on anger and hurtfilled speech between members of God’s kingdom.

ANSWER: Ahhh. Pot calling Kettle...come in please.

Now here is a transcript of the email I sent you:

This is Phil Perkins. I will be glad to publicly dialogue with you and/or Carlos Shelton any time and any forum, perhaps at our school. All you had to do was ask the school for my email address. However, you now have this one. Please feel free any time. And give it to Mr. Shelton as well.
At any rate here are five questions:
1. Did you read all that was written between Mr. Shelton and myself?
2. Did you check out Mr. Shelton's credentials?
3. Do you approve of the practices of UCMI, such as calling the 120 hours of tapes an M. Div.? (That is where Mr. Shelton got "this card that said I was a Reverend.") Put another way, do you approve of a man like Mr. Shelton getting a card from a mail order company and calling it "ordination?"
4. Do you approve of Mr. Shelton telling the entire church it "can burn in its false assumption of humility and self-delusional self-righteousness?"
5. Do you approve of Mr. Shelton and friends calling me vulgar and derogatory names? I especially want to know if me being called after a profane part of one's anatomy caused "concern" and "pain." Show me the email you wrote about that, please.

Now explain to me and your readers just how you thought this was out of line, especially in light of the fibs you told about me to the school and the names and vitriol spued by Carlos when he was busted publicly. Go to for further documentation if you think that I have fibbed about Carlos, or go to if it is still there.

I have called you to account, but remember that Jesus REALLY shed REAL blood. He did so as the REAL Son of God because we are REALLY sinful, headed for a REAL hell for eternity. The Lamb was REALLY raised the third day. (The Middle Matzah was found.) I do not know if you will ever be willing, but please repent and be saved. This is the message never heard in the Emergent and denied by you, John, in your blog of late March, 2006 and in your lifestyle.

In eternal view of Christ’s blood and loving forgiveness,
Phil Perkins.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Apostacy--A Little Dab'll Do Ya

Yesterday, I was looking to get in contact with an author of a really great text book--Bruce Waltke. I don't know him; I just wanted to talk to him. His Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax is an awesome work. I was hoping to find out if an abridged version was in the works. At any rate, calling around the country I ended up talking to an extremely intelligent, articulate lady at a book store. I told her I was in the market for a good introductory Hebrew text. She was very helpful and mentioned three, giving all the pluses and minuses of each.

Then........I blew it. I told her I wanted one that was not published by Zondervan because Zondervan has been pushing all sorts of Emergent stuff. She did not like that. It was on--politely, of course. After she expressed her disappointment in my lack of good sense, I asked her if she approved of all the apostate things flowing from and Brian McLaren.

She said that she did not take it as far as McLaren. We decided that we were both at work and had other things to do. Fwooo. An excuse for both of us with the added benefit that neither of us was lying.

Still...what did the Bible say about a little lump with leaven? Hmmmm.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

The point of this blog is to refute the Emergent. I do so for a number of reasons. First, Christians are to oppose , expose, and eliminate false teaching at every chance. Second, we are to love our neighbors, especially those of the household of faith. Therefore, we cannot let them go unwarned. Third, I teach Greek and Hebrew at a great local Bible college and, sadly, some of the finest youngs students around have asked me about the Emergent Church. I cannot let them down. Fourth, we will win. All who oppose God will suffer His judgment.

It seems Brian McLaren, Dan Kimball,, and others in the Emergent Obfuscation have been pulling unsuspecting Christians into an apostate movement that is neither emergent nor Christian.

At times I will simply argue points. Other times I will expose the real nature of the Emergent. Sometimes I will make great fun of their language. This is extremely easy because they cannot talk in a coherent way--the natural outcome of dogmatically holding tightly to the irrational. Case in point: their silly hatred of propositional truth--about which they are constantly making..................drum rolllllll.............REALLY BIG PROPOSITIONS. Still other times I will take on an author line by lie. (No, that was not a typo.)

Lastly, I will give you, the reader, a good dose of just what it is like to deal personally with these indefensibly dishonest people. For now, I will not tell you just how, but stay tuned the first lesson in Emergent anger and deceit will be coming in the form of their reaction to my blogs. Already, I have been threatened and lied about by Emergent leaders--one local and one national. I will expose them publicly. O boy, I can't wait.

Phil Perkins--PS. To John O'Keefe the invitation to debate any time any forum is still open.

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