Friday, November 17, 2006

Taxes and Religion For Stupid People

A lottery is a tax on stupid people.

Yes, lottery money is government money. And while most taxes are collected by the threat of jail or property confiscation, the lottery is a voluntary tax, collected by lying to people. And the lie is both obvious, and one that we all want to believe. We want to believe that giving the clerk a fiver will result in our becoming an instant gazillionaire, just like the guy from Omaha whose mug is on the billboard, holding up that check the size of a small car.

Emergent is a religion sold to the gullible.

No, their leaders aren't stupid. They're counting on you for that. Emergent followers want to believe that they can make up their own truth. They want to live without the strictures that God's written word places on us, and still be somehow Christian. So, when they're fed stupid statements like, "there is no absolute truth," or "the Bible has very little propositional truth," they want to believe it. Heaven without holiness. We WANT that.

Think about it,
Phil Perkins.



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