Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spurgeon and The Emergent

Here is a quote from Spurgeon. It seems even in his day there were people who sought to be teachers who had little or no knowledge, but loved to talk and talk and talk. The second paragraph is scrumptiously pithy.

There is something so enticing and yet so flimsy in the modern theological school,that I feel constrained to warn you constantly against it.

Its mystery is absurdity, and its depth is pompous ignorance. There is no theology in it; it is a futile device to conceal the want of theological knowledge.

A man with an education that may be complete in every department except that in which he should excel, stands up and would teach Christians that all they have learned at the feet of Paul has been a mistake, that a new theology has been discovered, that the old phrases which we have used are out of date, the old creeds broken up.Well, what shall we do to this wiseacre and his fellow sages? Serve them, wherever you meet them or their disciples, as Job did Zophar: laugh at them, dash their language to pieces, and remind them that the best things they tell us are only what the fishes of the sea, or the fowls of the air, knew before them, and that their grandest discoveries are but platitudes which every child has known before, or else they are heresies that ought to be scouted from the earth.

I found this quote posted by Phil Johnson who applied it to the New Perspective at http://teampyro.blogspot.com/.

Trusting the truth of Christ,
Phil Perkins.



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