Tuesday, October 17, 2006

David Sherwood and Emergent Bile

When I started this blog, I said I would show the readers just how angry and mean the Emergents really are. They say they are all about love. Don't believe it. Read this:

David Sherwood is the pastor of an Emergent congregation in Fort Worth, Texas. He is a shining light in the Emergent Obfuscation. I first encountered his material on John O'Keefe's blog, Ginkworld. O'Keefe featured a story by Sherwood that had as its focus a sympathetic sodomite. Presumably the reader was supposed to adore the sodomite and just hate anyone that disapproved of his sin, because if one hates sodomy, one is a bigot.

Sherwood was also kind enough to include at least one dirty word to describe Christians that disapprove of sodomy.

Here is Sherwood's response to a blog I did on O'Keefe on April 29, 2006, minus a profanity:

did you read the bi-sexual story? Or would you be more comfortable if I called someone a "godly...hypocrite, gossip, or libertine." Was King David "godly" or not? Or both...as most emergents would be willing to embrace. But alas the ethics of most fundamentalists allow for an ends justification of thier means. And thier means is always attack, and assume thier own orthodoxy is the only true one. In looking over the post which referenced my article in it, the complete lack of love in your article is such an abdication of christ-likeness that it makes the whole dialogue [or was it a diatribe?!] frail and perhaps even fraudulent as a voice of a Christian. I am glad jesus used the story of a vile SAMARITAN, and I was glad to use the story of a bi-sexual, and I am even gladder that God can use even the story of your immature tongue and heart in his grand scheme. I hope someday that you are filled with an equal measure of humility to match the venom of your pride.

David Sherwood20 years Pastoring, 2 degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a man who considers his credentials as s--- compared to knowing Christ who see me not through my sins but through his blood. I pray in time...I will see you as he does.

There. Can't you just feel the love?

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