Saturday, April 22, 2006

The point of this blog is to refute the Emergent. I do so for a number of reasons. First, Christians are to oppose , expose, and eliminate false teaching at every chance. Second, we are to love our neighbors, especially those of the household of faith. Therefore, we cannot let them go unwarned. Third, I teach Greek and Hebrew at a great local Bible college and, sadly, some of the finest youngs students around have asked me about the Emergent Church. I cannot let them down. Fourth, we will win. All who oppose God will suffer His judgment.

It seems Brian McLaren, Dan Kimball,, and others in the Emergent Obfuscation have been pulling unsuspecting Christians into an apostate movement that is neither emergent nor Christian.

At times I will simply argue points. Other times I will expose the real nature of the Emergent. Sometimes I will make great fun of their language. This is extremely easy because they cannot talk in a coherent way--the natural outcome of dogmatically holding tightly to the irrational. Case in point: their silly hatred of propositional truth--about which they are constantly making..................drum rolllllll.............REALLY BIG PROPOSITIONS. Still other times I will take on an author line by lie. (No, that was not a typo.)

Lastly, I will give you, the reader, a good dose of just what it is like to deal personally with these indefensibly dishonest people. For now, I will not tell you just how, but stay tuned the first lesson in Emergent anger and deceit will be coming in the form of their reaction to my blogs. Already, I have been threatened and lied about by Emergent leaders--one local and one national. I will expose them publicly. O boy, I can't wait.

Phil Perkins--PS. To John O'Keefe the invitation to debate any time any forum is still open.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All walls must come down.
Lay down your sword, for the war is over. You can't prove God, he proves himself. He doesn't need any help from man. Man needs him. Man needs to be still and know that God is God. And yes it says He is the truth. It also states he is the word. THERE IS ONLY ONE ACCUSER - When U accuse, you are manifesting the accuser. Stop using the word to destroy. God is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Where is the Love? Christ came to save, and redeem. Not to destroy. Being a "quote unquote" Christian means following after the likeness of Christ. Not after traditions and doctrines of men. We will know them by their fruits. So far it doesn't look too good. But it can change by laying down the sword and let God use what he chooses. Many are being awakened through emergency. If one is touched, it is worth it all. Be still!

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir, you are not being very Christ-like. You’re quick to run to mischief. You do no service to the Father. You are only being like Saul, killing with your words in the name of religion. Knocked off the old high horse, that’s where Saul ended up.

6:21 PM  

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